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About Gary Richardson

The CEO and Founder, Mr. Gary Richardson, established R. Diversity WorkX March 19, 2018 as a full service diversity-consulting firm, which specializes in diversity training for practitioners, diversity education, developing harmonious community relations between law enforcement and the public, supplier diversity, equal employment opportunity, and motivational speaking. Mr. Richardson has a unique and extensive professional background in the fields of diversity and equal opportunity, which he brings to his clients. He’s a retired New York State Trooper in which he held the rank of Technical Lieutenant and served as the departments Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Officer for over 6000 plus members. Mr. Richardson also served 28 years of honorable service for both the Active-Duty Air Force and Air National Guard retiring as a Major. In this capacity, he was a Military Equal Opportunity Director and certified diversity facilitator. In his last assignment, Mr. Richardson was the Program Manager of the Senior Leadership Development Branch at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute in Cocoa Beach, FL. In this role he trained and advised senior ranking military members and civilian employees from the Department of Defense on diversity and human relations issues. These experiences are what sets R. Diversity WorkX LLC apart from other firms when it comes to assisting companies with understanding diversity and helping establish better relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Mr. Richardson first began his consulting career as the CEO and Founder of Richardson Consulting from 2010 to 2018, but as his influence and popularity grew, he found himself being sought after for a number of different projects in the fields of diversity and equal opportunity. As a result, it became necessary for him to expand his platform to encompass all of the skill sets he could offer his clients. With over 18 years of experience, Mr. Richardson has traveled the world teaching his unique brand of diversity and to date has trained well over 10,000 participants. He currently works as a subject matter expert for law firms on issues pertaining to equal opportunity and fair treatment. His first book titled, Beyond Demographics the Truth about Diversity was self-published and sold on Amazon, but was quickly picked up by Barnes and Noble as a special order item. Mr. Richardson is also the host of his own blogtalkradio show called Diversity WorkX, which airs once a month on The show has followed the same success as his other ventures and has been listened to across the country. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Empire State College in Syracuse, NY and a Master’s Degree in Military Arts and Science from the Air War College at Maxwell AFB, AL. Mr. Richardson is often requested as a keynote speaker on topics of motivation, diversity, and human relations. See the Accomplishments Page for more details.


Mr. Richardson possesses a proven track record of positive results and influence in the fields of diversity and equal opportunity. Here are some examples of what he brings to the table for his clients:


Community and law enforcement relations forum, City of Titusville, FL, 2018


as Regional Director for ZayMat Corporation, supplier diversity, 2018


Military Equal Opportunity Director of the Year Award, 2010


book “Beyond Demographics the Truth about Diversity” 2017


demand for Senior Leadership Training (DOD) by 70% 2014-2017


over 20,000 participants on diversity and human relations world-wide


 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016


in DyNAMC Magazine as one of the “top diversity trainers” in the country 2015


Blacks in Government (BIG) Meritorious Service Award, Equal Opportunity Director of the Year 2011


Representation + Inclusion + Performance = Diversity, diversity training program, 2017